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Common workout mistakes

Possible workout mistakes

If you are spending a lot of time in the gym and not seeing a lot of the results then something must go wrong. There are various workout mistakes the most of us make in the gym and at home.

It is well known that you have to spend approx:

  • One hour of cardio and weight lifting
  • Exercise three times in a week
  • Proper nutrition and supplementation
  • At least two / three months doing the right routine to have long lasting results


The results must be visible after 2 months of continuous workouts.

workout mistakes


  • 1.  Workout Mistake:

Do you workout or you are watching yourself in the mirror and making plans and taking images instead of doing a serious workout? A lot of people are spending a lot of time doing all of the unimportant things instead doing the routine. If you missing the results take a double check about the effective time spent on the exercise. You have to spend at least one hour in the effective working out. You will have to workout 3 to 4 times per week.

  • 2.  Workout Mistake:

Having wrong workout regimen? If you doing all as it should be done and still missing results than you have to double check your workout schedule with some of the gym instructors. The professionals working in the Gym will guide you and maybe even create a brand new workout plan for your needs and your body type.

  • 3. Workout Mistakes:

Working more, getting more/ This approach is not recommended when it comes to workouts. If you speak to some of the professionals, you will find out that you can actually over workout. Yes, that is possible! If your muscles are tired and not properly nutrition they will splash, as fast as you say splash. You need to make a schedule to have a day off between gym/workout days.

  • 4. Workout Mistake:

Eating wrong: Here comes a diet program. This is the point where the most of us are making serious mistakes. It is not important to eat a lot of junk food to gain pure muscles, in contrary if you consume a lot of carbohydrates instead of fibers and proteins you will build up fat instead of the muscles. You need to eat more meat (red if possible) but any meat is a protein. Beans and rice are good too, salads, cheese, fruits, vegetables, meat products are all you need for good muscles. Bread is a no-no, pastries, and cookies too.

  • 5. Workout Mistakes:

ALL Supplements are dangerous! Really? This is why some people are divinely shaped while others look just regular. You have to be careful since there is something you need and something that can harm you. So what you can take? Wheat protein shake (pick the one above $20 because of the product quality. There is a lot to choose from that is why we strongly recommend trusted manufacturers with long-term history such as CrazyBulk legal steroids alternative, Bauer Nutrition (Sports line), Evolution Slimming (Sports line). Try to pick some of the safest not to harm your body.

  • 6. Workout Mistake:

Picking the wrong supplement. It is not hard to make a mistake when it comes to a choosing supplement. You will have to consider a lot of things but the first will be the purpose. A lot of people are making a mistake here. If you want more mass you will have to choose something to add more nutrients and more nitrogen into the muscle to grow strong and lean.

 A lot of supplements are attaching water and binding it within your muscles, so once you stop in taking them the results will despair. Not to mention all of the risks and danger to your heart and your liver the excess water can make…This is why I mention above trusted manufacturers, better go a little bit slower but with a greater quality.

If you don’t know what to pick choose one of the cycles since these bulks are created with that purpose. Getting instant results with injectable steroids is a hell of a danger, please don’t do that to yourself. There is a legal alternative to steroids nontoxic to the liver. If choosing something to speed up the results take something side effects free from the trusted manufacturer.


If you are not sure what to do or you are missing the results, go through the basics again. Take some e/book or read some blogs. There are a lot of stores selling or giving guide books so you can try to do it, right. If you don’t have enough time to make a research by yourself then the best is to hire or take a consultation from fitness specialist or gym instructor for further help. If you stick to your diet and exercise and taking a rest regularly at one point at a time you will be there on your goal ready to speak your beginner story about the workout mistakes once you made.

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