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Anabolic steroids facts

Anabolic steroids basics

Under the group of anabolic steroids are the male hormone testosterone derivatives. These illegal steroids have been synthetically produced the substance that imitates the male sex hormone testosterone. Testosterone is the strongest of hormones with androgenic action, i.e. have an effect on the development of male sexual and physical characteristics. Besides to the androgen effect it has an anabolic effect too, which means that supports muscle tissue growth.

These steroids are produced as an attempt to synthesize substances with anabolic effect. These products – steroids must have evident anabolic activity. These activities are (huge increase in muscle gain) and lowered androgenic effects (effects on specific sexual characteristics such as depth of voice, sexual desire, etc.). Over a number of years and such compounds are obtained.

Anabolic steroids in groups

Anabolics can be separated into two main groups – pill and injection. Steroids in tablet form (oral steroids) are generally more toxic than those of injectable since they pass through the digestive tract and liver where they stay for much longer and if used wrong can do serious hurt to the liver. Group two of steroids are absorbed directly without passing through the organs and thus are somewhat safer.

Oral steroids remain in the body for more than a few hours. Injectable can stay much longer now we are talking about days (it depends on of emulsion used for steroid since it can be water or some type of oil). These are so strong that can be reviled at the test after a year.

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The effects of anabolic steroids

anabolic steroids / before and after crazybulkThese anabolics will be history very soon. The newest researches made by scientist results in a powerful oral like steroids based on anabolic effects supplements!

The human body responds in a different way to anabolics. Using the same steroid some person (let’s name it E person) may get 5 – 6 kg pure lean muscle mass, and another person (let’s call it G ) only 2 – 3 kg.

Probably the best steroids for gaining muscles are the one meant for bulking. Steroids for bulking are steroids like nandrolone (Deca-Durabolin), methandrostenolone (Dianabol Dbol), methenolone (Primobolan), stanozolol (Winstrol). To be clear these substances are illegal in nonmedical usage and because of that, you can find these in their original medical form only over the counter.

The group mentioned above are very similar to testosterone with some modifications that enable them to create strong anabolic androgenic results. If you are trying to find about these roids online try using these three letters AAS or androgenic – anabolic steroids.

More about Anabolic steroids and testosterone synthetic modifications

Anabolics are used in medical purpose for the treatment of testosterone deficiency etc. But there are always “a few” using it to get greater muscle growth. These steroids can help achieve enormous strength. These amounts which are much higher from medically recommended (9 to 21 times) are synthetic testosterone variations.

A mixture of steroid substances at rates substantially larger than 1 gram a day, used for months without hold will lead to huge muscle growth. The whole steroid deal is medically unnecessary. The excessive intake of testosterone combined with other substances without any control or dosage can damage the user’s health.

These amounts are not healthy for your body but that is how the black market sale of steroids begins. If you see something and you can’t get it legally you will probably look for the same thing over the counter. This scheme will be over in the next couple of years because the same outcomes will be easier to get.  Managed with other legal substances incorporated in a new formula like in Crazy Bulk supplements will be win/win.

One of the most serious bad outcomes is the liver damage or failure. Other serious health issues that may happen are possible heart attacks due to increased pile of bad cholesterol, etc.


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